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    Are You in Need of Lawn Care in Lake Charles?
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Lawn Care in Lake Charles, LA
Lawn Care in Lake Charles, LA
Lawn Care in Lake Charles, LA
Reliable Lawn Care in Lake Charles!
McKee's Lawn Service provides Reliable Lawn Care in Lake Charles. If you are interested in securing a lawn service that you can depend upon, then call McKee's Lawn Service today for a free, no obligation estimate. Know, that this company always provides every one of their customers with exceptional customer service. No brag... just fact!

Trent McKee is the proud owner of McKee's Lawn Service and is a local resident of Lake Charles. This company specializes in year-round residential lawn and landscape maintenance and is only accepting new customers that reside within the Lake Area.

Lawn Service... You can always count on your lawn being evenly cut, trimmed and edged. A thorough clean-up of your property puts the finishing touch on a job well done. If you want a lawn that looks great all of the time, simply give Trent a call and schedule a convenient time to meet with him.

Lawn Maintenance... McKee's Lawn Service will be able to handle all of your lawn maintenance throughout the year which includes your scheduled lawn service, weed control, and the fertilization of your lawn. Pesticides will be applied as needed.

Landscape Maintenance... This service includes the planting of seasonal color, general bed clean-up, the spreading of new mulch each year, hedge trimming and shaping when needed, and the application of fertilizers and pesticides.

Affordable Pricing... McKee's Lawn Service always provides reasonable rates for all of the services that they offer.

Level Monthly Payments... Trent will be more than happy to explain how you can set up level, monthly payments when you secure year-round lawn and landscape maintenance.

Customer Service... Without a doubt, McKee's Lawn Service provides the ultimate in customer service. The fact of the matter is... Trent knows exactly what his customers expect and he strives to provide them with exactly what they want.
Your Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed!
McKee's Lawn Service is available to help you achieve your lawn and landscape maintenance objectives. It's reassuring to know that their customers are always their first priority.

Make sure that you give this outstanding company a call today if you want someone that will treat your lawn as if it was their own. You'll be glad that you did!
Lawn Care in Lake Charles, LA
Lawn Care in Lake Charles, LA
Lawn Care in Lake Charles, LA
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Serving Lake Charles, LA
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